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Hound uses ESLint (v4.18.2)with this config by default.

To enable ESLint style checking just add the following to your .hound.yml

  enabled: true

To change the way ESLint is configured simply add .eslintrc file to your project, specify your desired configuration and reference the file in your .hound.yml

We currently only support JSON or YAML formats for .eslintrc since we parse and merge configs.

  enabled: true
  config_file: .eslintrc

Check out the ESLint docs for more information on configuring ESLint rules.

To ignore certain files and directories, add .eslintignore file to your project and include in it path patterns for files/directories that you want ignored then reference the ignore file in your .hound.yml . See linter docs for more info.

  ignore_file: .eslintignore
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