General Hound configuration

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The following linters are enabled by default:

  • RuboCop (Ruby)

  • CoffeeLint (CoffeeScript)

  • JavaScript (JSHint)

  • SCSS (SCSS-Lint)

  • Haml (HAMLLint)

  • Go (golint)

  • Swift (SwiftLint)

All other linters must be explicitly enabled.

Hound will look for a custom configuration file named .hound.yml in the root directory of your project, which lets Hound know what linters to enable or disable. You can specify locations/paths to config that provide custom style rules. Here is an example:

  enabled: false

  config_file: .rubocop.yml

  ignore_file: .jshintignore

In this example, review of SCSS is deactivated, a custom RuboCop configuration is provided for Ruby review and .jshintignore is specified to have JSHint ignore certain files.

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